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  • Recycla Notebook

    Recycla Notebook

  • Sticker Notebook

    Sticker Notebook

  • Desk Gift Set

    Desk Gift Set

  • Stone Paper Notebook

    Stone Paper Notebook

  • Memo Mini Notepad

    Memo Mini Notepad

  • Pocket Laser Pointer

    Pocket Laser Pointer

  • Bio Staple Remover

    Bio Staple Remover

  • Bio Ruler

    Bio Ruler

  • Sonata 4pc Set

    Sonata 4pc Set

  • Sapphire Desk Calendar

    Sapphire Desk Calendar

  • Bolero Executive Gift Set

    Bolero Executive Gift Set

  • Alpha Notebook

    Alpha Notebook

    Small 80 leaf (160 page) notebook complete with lined pages, an elastic closure band and a book mark ribbon. It has a hard cover with a luxury soft touch Neoskin finish.

  • Omega Notebook

    Omega Notebook

    Smart medium size notebook with 80 lined leaves (160 pages), an elastic closure band and a book mark ribbon. It has a hard cover with a luxury soft touch Neoskin finish.

  • Yoyo


    Affordable fully functional promotional yoyo.

  • Car Air Freshener

    Car Air Freshener

    Cardboard air freshener for cars which will keep working for 7-10 days once opened and can be stored for 12 months unopened. Pine, Lavender, New Car, Vanilla, Forest, Ocean Scent and Strawberry fragrances are available and if multiple fragrances are required an additional setup charge applies to each extra fragrance for orders under 5000pcs. Custom shapes and sizes are available on request and a production lead time of 20-25 working days applies to this product.

  • 30cm Balloons

    30cm Balloons

    30cm advertising balloons that can be printed on one or both sides. It is important to specify if the balloons are to be inflated with helium or air so the printing is upright when in use. A production lead time of 15 working days applies to this product.

  • Icon Calculator

    Icon Calculator

    Dual power foldable eight digit calculator.

  • Coloured Pencil Tube

    Coloured Pencil Tube

    12 assorted colour pencils in a convenient unbleached cardboard tube with a translucent plastic cap which features a built in pencil sharpener.

  • Playtime Colouring Set

    Playtime Colouring Set

    A colouring set containing eight assorted colour pencils and a pad printed with 19 different animals to colour in.

  • Crayon Set

    Crayon Set

    Six assorted colour non-toxic crayons in a cardboard box.

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