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  • Temporary Tattoos 38 x 51mm

    Temporary Tattoos 38 x 51mm

    Temporary tattoos are printed with peopl

  • Temporary Tattoos 51 x 51mm

    Temporary Tattoos 51 x 51mm

    Temporary tattoos are printed with peopl

  • Multi Ruler

    Multi Ruler

    Multiple function ruler which can be use

  • Magnifying Ruler

    Magnifying Ruler

    15cm ruler with a magnifying bar which m

  • 15cm Mini Ruler

    15cm Mini Ruler

    Small plastic ruler with both centimetre

  • Flip Ruler

    Flip Ruler

    Conventional 30cm plastic ruler with bot

  • Pencil Case

    Pencil Case

    Frosted finish PVC pencil case with a zi

  • Pencil Sharpener

    Pencil Sharpener

    Pencil sharpener that holds its own shav

  • Emergency Rain Coat

    Emergency Rain Coat

    Water proof emergency rain coat with a h

  • Valby Notebook with Pen-Stylus

    Valby Notebook with Pen-Stylus

  • Laser Pattern Notebook

    Laser Pattern Notebook

  • Galvanized Notebook

    Galvanized Notebook

  • Retractable ID Holder

    Retractable ID Holder

    Retractable identification holder with a

  • 30cm Metal Ruler

    30cm Metal Ruler

    Metal ruler with both centimeters and in

  • Car Pen Holder

    Car Pen Holder

    Pen holder which clips securely to car a

  • Beetle Clip

    Beetle Clip

    Beetle shaped holder for sun glasses and

  • Puzzle


    A plastic puzzle with sliding tiles. Use

  • Fridge Magnet Torch

    Fridge Magnet Torch

    Low profile torch with a strong magnet o

  • Coloured Pencil Pack

    Coloured Pencil Pack

    Six assorted colour pencils in a cardboa

  • UFO Flyer

    UFO Flyer

    Low cost flying disc ideal for mass mark

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